Pay for Experience. Not for Overhead.

“At the moment, we’re going through a transition from the, if you like, old world to the new. The old world is characterised by what one contemporary philosopher has termed ‘the dinosaur civilisation,’ large and unwieldy, without much intelligence – just like the dinosaur…

“And those, of course, are the attributes of the new world: small, mobile, independent, and intelligent units.”

So said Robert Fripp, one of the world’s greatest guitar players.  Fripp was talking about rock bands, and the year was 1974.  He could just as easily have been describing law practice today.

There may be times when you need teams of paralegals, junior lawyers, and brick and mortar conference rooms in the downtown offices of a big law firm.  Most of the time, you don’t.  You need a lawyer who can help you structure your company, negotiate your commercial agreements and licenses, relate with investors, and set up and manage appropriate, effective compliance systems.

You keep your business lean and mean.  Why should your lawyer be any different?